HCL EPIC Medium Loaded Case

HCL EPIC Medium Loaded Case

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HCL’s hottest product on the market...our HCL Loaded Glow Cases are an angler favourite this hard-water season! This is mostly due in part to the awesome variety of glow jigs and their strong glow. This EPIC Case is an ideal gift for the fisherman or woman in your life. It features a variety of jig sizes ranging from 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1 oz in Teardrop & Ultra Minnow Styles. We have included some of our BEST Glow jigs from each of the Glow & Nonglow series we offer! They are expertly painted with the highest quality paint on the market and they feature realistic 3D eyes. You will definitely be out fishing your buddies with our EPIC Loaded Glow Cases!

x4 Halo Pro Glow Yellow

x4 Halo Pro Glow Pink

x4 Halo Pro Glow Green

x4 Pro Series Dark Parrot

x4 Pro Series Phoenix

x4 Pro Series Poison

x4 Pro Series Metal Minnow 

x4 Pro Series Turtle Lake Specials

x4 Pro Series Black Eyed Fire Minnow

x3 Walleye Wonderglow Ultra Minnows

x1 Turtle Lake Special Ultra Minnow

x3  Walleye Wonderglow Teardrops 

x2 Packages of TightlinesUV Walleye Grubs

x1 Package of TightlinesUV Pantails

**please note colours may vary from the picture based on our current stock