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HCL Pro TUNGSTEN ICE JIG Case - Best Walleye and Perch Tungsten Jig Case

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The "HCL Pro Tungsten UV GLOW Case" is a loaded case with 7-10mm Tungsten jigs and a great double sided case to keep them safe and dry.

In this case you will get:

  • (X2) 8mm Goiliath Tungsten Jig Sets (1/4oz)
  • (X1) 9mm Goiliath Tungsten Jig Sets (3/8oz)
  • (X1) 10mm Goiliath Tungsten Jig Sets (1/2oz)
  • (×20) 7mm Tungsten Jigs (1/8oz)

If fishing for Walleyes in National Parks where lead jigs are prohibited then this is the case for you. 

This is great package deal that is priced at a 20% discount!