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Kraken Cisco 2 Jig Set - Lake Trout - Pike - Burbot

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Weight: 2 oz

2 Jigs Per Set and available in either 1 oz or 2 oz sets.

THE HCL Kraken Ciscos have arrived!  Each set contains 2 heavy hitting jigs, each painted in a the HCL Cisco Glow pattern. The Cisco being one of the favourite foods of lake trout makes this set ideal wherever lake trout live. Kraken Cisco Jigs are constructed to get down and handle even the largest of predators with the main hook being a 3x heavy wire razor sharp large hook and the stinger is a blood red 3x treble attached by 90lb wire to ensure maximum durability!

These are best used with a large plastic like TightlinesUV Rattl’N Sow Belly Swimmers or Twisters but could be also paired with a smelt or favourite large bait to help catch that trophy of a lifetime!