Lake Trout Jigs

Innovation is what we are always striving for, to take your fishing to the next level!
We have something you might not have seen before. HCL 1oz Viper Jig paired up with a TightlinesUV 6" Tube Jig. This match made in heaven has a lot going for itself. Starting at the Viper head, this venomous 1oz lure has a large razor sharp EWG hook on it that will put a hurt on the meanest of lake trout!
But the fun doesn't stop there, it also has a built in magnum sized rattle to really piss off those big predators and also a blood red stinger hook to catch those annoying light biters. All of this is really only made more outstanding by the unreal level of innovation that is presented by the TightlinesUV 6"Tube! This large powerful UV bait cannot be missed when it hits the water column. If used in the presence of other anglers, don't expect them to catch much because all the fish will be looking at this tube, you can take that to the bank. You don't have to take my word for it, give them a try. This set of two will be on its way to your door for only $25.