Custom painted Teardrop Jig shimmering iridescent yellow chartreuse body coupled with blue top and an orange nose, realistic 3D eyes, a hardcore finish and a needle point exceptionally sharp black nickel hook.
Ultra Minnow Jig that is custom painted in shimmering iridescent yellow chartreuse, coupled with a blue top and an orange nose comes complete with 3D eyes and an extremely sharp upgraded black nickel hook

Dark Parrot

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The Pro Series Dark Parrot is new to HCL and this premium shimmering iridescent jig is on a level all its own, it is designed to stand out against all other lures and get the bite. The custom blend of extraordinary high-end coatings create shimmering effects that are not often found on custom jigs! All of this is based around a platinum black needle point exceptionally sharp hook to ensure no bite is missed. It is an ultimate multi-species slayer. Available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 oz and we make them in Teardrop and Ultra Minnow styles.

This lure will be soon become one of your favorites as its complex blend of colours are a wonder to behold. Give the Walleyes something they haven't seen before and give them Dark Parrot!