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Laker Chasers Tube Inserts & Refill Packs

Original price $8.99 - Original price $110.99
Original price
$8.99 - $110.99
Current price $8.99
Laker Chasers Come in 2 Packs - One Rigged and one Unrigged Tube
Predatory Lake Trout live to chase prey & HCL "Laker Chasers" predator tubes imitate that prey! This hardcore heavy hitting magnum bait features a large heavy hook that’ll put the hurt on the meanest of lake trout. Plus, we’ve added a 3X treble trailer hook to catch those annoying light biters. Add a Smelt, Cisco, Sucker, or Herring & hold on! Also effective on Large Pike & Burbot. Available in 1 oz, 1.5 oz and 2 oz. Try “The Works” if you want to try all 11 colours for one great price!
*Please note colours may vary slightly from screen to screen. We do our best to keep our colours as as close as possible but please contact us if you have any questions