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UV Bomb Purple

Original price $2.75 - Original price $2.75
Original price
$2.75 - $2.75
Current price $2.75
Style: Teardrop
Weight: 1/8 oz

We’ve upped our game & you’ve never seen anything like this before... Introducing...UV Bomb!!! This deadly design comes straight out of the HCL Vault. It is not only Highly UV but also features a Strong Glow element that is in a word awesome!! The sheer UV brightness of these jigs gives you the impression that they are almost on fire! With realistic 3D eyes, upgraded platinum black nickel lazer sharp hooks and a hardcore finish, this Series is the whole package. You will not be disappointed when you tie one on. Choose your favourites & order individually or get them in 6 jig set. They are perfect for vertical jigging with a leech, minnow or crawler. These are now available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz in Teardrop & Ultra Minnow.